Day two of NaBloPoMo

It’s that time of year again. The weather has started to turn colder. Jackets and scarves are becoming more of a necessity. It’s a busy time for both school and work…thus No-Shave-November!! Or as I have recently come to learn it as Noshember….and then of course to follow are Decembeard and Januhairy…I stumbled across an article earlier today regarding this topic, and it discussed the involvement of the female population….I wonder how many ladies out there truly would go a month without shaving. It is interesting how revved up men get over No-Shave-November. I find it a huge competition in my workplace. Even when it is not this time of year, the men with beards are always comparing whose is the best. They take great pride on their beards. But I guess that can be compared to some women and their hair. Either way…by the end of the month, we are destined to see big, burly beards everywhere…and those few youngsters who attempted to grow a beard but only ended up with patches. Good luck men!!….and any women who have also elected to participate! 🙂


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